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Avril Lynn
Martina Star
Martina Star
Avril Lynn
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Martina Star

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phil-fucking-flash I recently held an election to decide what site or sites to launch next. When the voting was done, I found some irregularities. Even though there was only one vote cast and it was my vote, the total did not add up. Out of one vote, there were three votes for Exotic European Teens, MartinaStar.com, and AvrilLynn.com and one vote for the TaylorTwins.com. How in the heck is this even possible? Well, after conducting an investigation, I found that the Russians had meddled in my election. A friend of mine who happens to be Russian, showed me pictures of Martina Star and OMFG... Avril Lynn and her fucking gorgeous red hair. Needless to say, this accounts for the voting irregularities and the launching of the European Pass, which includes 2 more sites.

So welcome to yet another multi-model... multi-core... mega-mite, featuring amateur teen girls from Europe. These girls are exotic, erotic, and should be in your collection! See you in the members area...

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A meaningful collection is built over time, with hard work and experiences.

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash
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Martina Star
Avril Lynn
Avril Lynn
Martina Star
Avril Lynn
Martina Star

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European Pass Site List: avrillynn.com, exoticeuropeanteens.com, and martinastar.com